Grey Marble

Sale price$75.00

Size: M | 400 x 600mm

Enhance your photography with our Grey Marble Texture Backdrop. The realistic marble design adds depth and sophistication to your images. Crafted with high-quality materials, it provides a professional touch to your photoshoots. Perfect for product photography or portraits. Elevate your work with our Grey Marble Backdrop.

The Photo Board is a product photographers best friend. Create unique scenes for your products setting the boards up with a base and a backdrop or lay one board flat for a flatlay setup.

They're lightweight too, making them easy to carry with you for an on location shoot.

Every backdrop texture we sell has been photographed or designed by our founder Luke, curating a unique collection of textures that look like the real thing and that you won't find anywhere else.

Because we're starting with a RAW image or design file and not a compressed image from a stock website, we're able to adjust and scale these textures to look crisp and clear in all sizes we offer.

A matte laminate layer will keep your backdrops looking pretty no matter how messy your shoots get.

Simply wipe them clean with a damp cloth or if things are a little sticky, use a surface cleaner without bleach.