Storing Your Photo Sheets

ROLLED UP in Poster Tube
  • Easy to store and take with you to on-location shoots
  • TIP :: Loosely roll up your backdrops. When you come to use
    them, they will take less time to flatten out.
FLAT in Art Folio
  • Perfect if you’re someone who plans last minute shoots.
  • Ready to use, no need to flatten out or stick down the corners.
  • Easy to flick through your backdrops without unrolling all of them.

Using your Photo Sheets

Flatlay Set-Up
  • Blu-Tack on the BACK of each corner will help your backdrop stay in place.
  • Tape down the corners without affecting the backdrop. 
Backdrop/Infinity Set-Up
  • Apply Blu-Tack to the back or tape the corners down on the front to stick to the wall or board/stand.
  • Use a light grip clamp to avoid creasing the backdrop

Avoid using these items directly on your Photo Sheet backdrop:

  • Hot items that could melt/damage the backdrop

With an added protective layer our Photo Sheets can handle almost anything you place, spill or throw at it.

Cleaning is a breeze.
  • Use a paper towel to remove all the excess liquids or food items.
  • Grab a damp cloth to clean up the leftover residue.
  • TIP :: You can even use cleaning products WITHOUT bleach to remove any sticky residue.