Storing your Photo Boards

  • If you have the space, storing the boards flat is the best option.
  • Storing them standing up, leaning on something could result in them bowing a little.
  • Make sure your photo boards and clean and dry before storing them.

Keep all backdrops in a cool dry spot out of direct sunlight.

Using your Photo Boards

Flatlay Set-Up

Easily lay our photo boards on a flat surface, layout your products and shoot away. 

Surface + Wall Set-Up

Our photo boards work well as a setup using one for the base and the other as the “wall”.

You can achieve this by leaning on backdrop against a wall or vertical surface or by using our Board Clips which help join the two backdrops together.

Avoid using these items directly on your Photo Board backdrop:

  • Hot items that could melt/damage the backdrop
  • Heavy items that could dent the foam board.

With an added protective top layer our photo boards can handle almost anything you place, spill or throw at it.

Despite the durable top layer, the foam board is susceptible to spills if left sitting in liquids. Be sure to wipe up any spills before it seeps into the foam board. 

Cleaning is a breeze.
  • Use a paper towel to remove all the excess liquids or food items.
  • Grab a damp cloth to clean up the leftover residue.
  • TIP :: You can even use cleaning products WITHOUT bleach to remove any sticky residue.